Public Affairs

If you’re looking for insight and are ready to compete, you’re at the right place.

We help our clients sharpen their strategic objectives. Together with our clients, we form a concept of what must be done and said and where, when and with whom. To us, interest representation must be profitable. Its good or poor management is visible on your bottom line.

The interest representation services of Eurofacts are based on sustainable arguments, facts, a situational picture of society and business acumen. We help our clients make decision-makers aware of their perspective and competence. Our advocacy relies on verified and reliable facts, rather than personal relationships. We act as advisers and, when necessary, also as messengers on a journey towards better decisions.

Interest representation is to us a lengthy game towards better decisions. Good lobbying is about long-term strategic work, constructive dialogue and the building of partnerships. Lobbying is an integral part of a functioning democracy. A good company should influence decision-making, share knowledge and help decision-makers to make sustainable and sound decisions.

Our operating method is standardised. Our interest representation clients know what’s happening, when and where.