Regulatory Affairs - Far from costly litigation

Our regulatory affairs consist of regulatory anticipation. Anticipation translates into avoiding litigation costs and official processes, as well as securing and growing business.

Our regulatory affairs are business-driven. We follow changes in legislation with a proactive approach and advise our clients on how to respond to obligations in a cost-effective way. We also help our clients turn strategic threats into opportunities. Stricter production norms that provide protection against cheap production are a good example of this. With us, you do not simply adapt to norms but participate in their creation.

Those companies that have a management with a clear view of what the legislative framework regulating their business is are few and far between. The legal counsels of companies focus on the investigation of problems or disputes that already exist—and that may prove very costly.

The amount of domestic and international regulation is increasing. At the same time, regulation can be influenced. The companies that understand this have a clear competitive advantage.

We combine the continuous tracking of regulations and a strategic appreciation of business in a new way. We form a sustainable view of regulatory threats and opportunities that supports our client’s strategy.

Our services in this sector include the operational management of obligations, the identification of strategic regulatory risks and the assessment of changes in investment values deriving from regulatory changes. We implement our services as separate consulting projects and in continuous customer relationships.